Ngallamaya deadly Driver program looking for funding water mark !!

With the long-awaited laws to reduce the practice of jailing people for unpaid fines was introduced in western Australia Ngalla Maya would like the opportunity to encourage and provide cultural learners drives license support.  Often young aboriginal people in the community are living below the poverty line with little or no parental guidance. Ngalla Maya would like to provide a safe cost-free learning environment for candidates wishing to get their learners permit.   Many people cannot afford meals so learning to drive and lessons are often out of reach, therefor many begin driving without licenses and receive full life suspension once caught.  For Ngalla Maya to provide the learners driver support, we will need a car with dual controls and instructors to provide lesson to comply with the hours needed to obtain a provisional driver’s license.  The restriction on a person without the ability to have a driver’s license inhibits them in life with many negative effects.

How would one get to work without a license? How do you provide for your family? How can you make sure you can get your family to medical support and attention needed?  The list of how the impact on a person with no driver’s license is endless, but often leads to crime, fines, and possible jail time.

We need to break this cycle for our Aboriginal people in the community.  The Ngalla Maya deadly drivers’ programs aims to provide cost free driving lesson and support to the aboriginal community.


Ngalla Maya wants to break the cycle in our youth and provide the support and guidance to encourage the positive self-worth to show the aboriginal youth that they can do anything, nothing is out of reach.  Once a driver’s license is achieved and a trusting positive relation is developed mentoring can assist in making positive life choices.  We want to break the cycle  of crime and poverty give the young people hope make their own choices and not follow in footsteps of peers who have not made the best decisions and have ended up the court or jail system. Stay in school, get training and employment outcomes.


Should you have any ideas on how we can implement this program and get this program off the ground I’m more than happy to chat with you and meet with you.