This is a proposed program only and is currently looking for funding. Please contact our team on 9478 6000 if you can assist.

With the long-awaited laws being introduced in Western Australia to reduce the practice of jailing people for unpaid fines, Ngalla Maya would like the opportunity to encourage and provide cultural support to our Aboriginal youth and help them obtain their driver license.

Often Aboriginal youth are living below the poverty line with little or no parental guidance. Many struggle to afford necessities such as food and clothing, so learning to drive with the associated costs are often out of reach. However, for many having a driver’s license offers further job prospects, supports their family, and provides a sense of personal achievement.

Ngalla Maya wants to break the cycle of disadvantage in our youth and provide support and guidance to encourage positive self-worth. We want to show our Aboriginal youth that they can do anything an that nothing is out of reach.

Once a driver’s license is achieved and a trusting positive relationship is developed, Ngalla Maya will continue to mentor and encourage positive life choices as our youth navigate their own paths. We want to break the cycle of crime and poverty and instead provide young people with hope.

This program is currently looking for funding. If you can assist, please contact our team.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of this land, the Noogar People and
the Traditional Custodians, the Whadjuk People. We pay respect to Elders
past, present and future for they hold the memories, the traditions, the culture
and hopes of indigenous Australia

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