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Ngalla Maya provides psychosocial support long-term in order to support you in your journey through training leading to work or through your educational goals.


Ngalla Maya works in culturally appropriate ways and this is guaranteed because we are an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander led and managed organisation with a significant proportion of our personnel comprising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.


The majority of our mentors are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and all our personnel are handpicked seasoned individuals who understand, have lived and have excelled at the coalface.


Our personnel can provide culturally appropriate one-on-one mentoring and we will provide mentoring through all phases of the journey that will walk with you. It important to us that you succeed - it is the way forward for our people, to change lives by transforming lives for the better and therefore your example will inspire others. 


If need be we will be there for you once you are employed; if there are any issues arising in the workplace we will help to mediate, to secure understandings and ways forward. Our mentoring does not end with you picking up a qualification or starting a job - we need you to feel comfortable in the workforce. 





For more information about the extent of us as Mentors please email [email protected]