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Ngalla Maya


Ngalla Maya works towards improving the wellbeing of the vulnerable, the poorest, the at-risk, of the incarcerated, of young and older.


Ngalla Maya is overseen by a Steering Committee of internal and external 'coalface' workers, psychosocial workers, experts in their fields - all who are dedicated to transforming for the better the lives of  others. 

Hands on Bars


Ngalla Maya Steering Committee 



Mervyn Eades – founder and CEO of Ngalla Maya Aboriginal Corporation – Mervyn visits Juvenile Detention facilities and adult prisons inspiring and committing young and older to life changing opportunities - Mervyn was the 2016 National Indigenous Human Rights Award Eddie Mabo Social Justice Award recipient


Darryl Eades – former educator and school principal – with educational and school principal appointments in remote location within Western Australia 


Beverley Eades – extensive work in Community Justice and who also held positions formerly with the Department of Community Services Western Australia


There will be three further appointments of Aboriginal and/or  Torres Strait Islander individuals with relevant experience



There will be three further appointments of external stakeholders to the Steering Committee


Rebecca McClure - director of Atlas Training Group - Rebecca has extensive experience in regional communities and towns in inspiring individuals to training and education opportunities leading to employment


Jennifer Kaeshagen – former academic and former union organiser and currently the director of the First Nations Homelessness Project and Advocacy Service (FNHPAS) - Jennifer supports at-risk families and specialises in the prevention of child removals and the prevention of public rental housing evictions


Kirsty Oehlers – practising social worker and Curtin University academic who specialises in responding to domestic violence and has extensive experience with the Family Court and  expertise in child psychotherapy - Kirsty provides support to the FNHPAS


Mel Singh – clinical psychologist and a former academic with Curtin University (Albany campus) – expertise in responding to domestic violence and in suicide prevention, homelessness – Mel has worked with the Department of Juvenile Justice Western Australia and also with the AIDS Bureau in the Health Department – Mel provides FNHPAS service as a psychologist


Gerry Georgatos – researcher in suicide prevention, prison reform and prison to wellbeing to education to work – he has spent more than two decades working with the homeless, the most-vulnerable and with former inmates – he has launched or galvanised one social reform project after another, some national



"Ngalla Maya will do whatever it takes to help someone."